The sustainability of our environment depends on our ability to pursue business models that do not trade long term damage for short term gains. We believe this philosophy applies to how we manage the scarce resources we are responsible for recycling.

Renewable Production

We have developed a highly efficient means of purifying waste oil.  This allows us to direct purified waste oil to the local industry.


We seek to continue to improve our processing facility in terms of both production yield and energy efficiency. These improvements will be the result of working closely with our partner companies in the restaurant and renewable energy industries to meet the needs of the local economy.

Our Services Support the Green Energy Transition

We do our part in helping the community transition away from unsustainable fuel sources by developing uses for locally produced restaurant waste products.

Shared Economic Interests

The financial crisis of 2007 had a significant impact on the tourism and leisure industries. As a result fewer people ate out, the margins of restaurant establishments have been negatively impacted. While demand has somewhat returned, restaurant owners are now faced with rising food costs. Soybean oil (and other frying oils) has in fact nearly doubled in wholesale value since 2007.

The Solution to Rising Frying-Oil Prices

As the cost of Frying-Oil has increased in the past several years, thankfully so has the value of the waste oil.  It is now economically beneficial  to recycle waste oil.

Shared Benefits

When we are all successful, we have the resources to make an even larger contribution to our community by expanding operations. When businesses are growing people have jobs. We are all part of the solution.