Restaurant Owners – Do you know your Waste Water Responsibilities?

As YOUR choice for Fat, Oil, and Grease disposal we feel it is our responsibility to help keep you up to date on Regulations affecting your business.


The following excerpt is from the City of Vista’s Municipal Code, section 14.12 concerning the Control and Regulation of Fats, Oils, and Grease. While exact regulations do vary from town to town, the general language and intent is often quite similar. Even if you do not live in Vista, we believe that you will benefit as a restaurant owner.

Section 050 1214 Prohibitions

The following prohibitions shall apply to food service establishments that generate FOG

• Installation of food grinders in the plumbing system of new construction of any food establishment that generate FOG is prohibited Furthermore all food grinders must be removed from existing food service establishments that generate FOG as determined by the City Engineer within 90 days of written notice to remove

• Introduction of any additives into any establishment wastewater system for the purpose of emulsifying FOG is prohibited

• Disposal of waste cooking oil into drainage pipes is prohibited. All waste cooking oils shall be collected and stored properly in receptacles such as barrels or drums for recycling or other acceptable methods of disposal

• Discharge of wastewater from dishwashers to any grease trap or grease interceptor is prohibited

• Discharge of wastewater with temperatures in excess of 140F to any grease control device including grease traps and grease interceptors is prohibited

• The use of biological additives for grease remediation or as a supplement to interceptor maintenance is prohibited unless written approval from the City Engineer is obtained

• Discharge of wastes from toilets urinals wash basins and other fixtures containing fecal materials to sewer lines intended for grease interceptors service or vice versa is prohibited

• Discharge into the sewer system of any waste which has FOG as well as solid materials removed from the grease control device is prohibited Grease removed from grease interceptors shall be wastehauled periodically as part of the operation and maintenance requirements for grease interceptors Licensed wastehaulers or an approved recycling facility must be used to dispose of FOG including waste cooking oil

Section 060 1214 FOG Pretreatment Required

• All new food service establishments are required to install operate and maintain an approved type and adequately sized gravity grease interceptor necessary to maintain compliance with the objectives of this chapter Existing food service establishments with no grease interceptor shall install operate and maintain an approved type and adequately sized gravity grease interceptor upon change of ownership or upon the issuance of a plumbing permit

• The gravity grease interceptor shall be adequate to separate and remove FOG contained in wastewater discharges from any establishment prior to discharge to the sewer system consistent with the gravity grease interceptor requirements of this chapter

• Property owners of commercial developments or their official designee shall be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the gravity grease interceptor serving multiple establishments that are located on a single parcel.

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