Fight the FOG with BioDriven!

FOG in the Sewer? Where does that come from?

FOG is an acronym for Fat, Oil, and Grease which can enter the waste-water system if not properly controlled.

Why is FOG a problem?

Oil, Fat, and Grease are more stable than most organic waste and are thus not quick to decompose. FOG from restaurants and industrial food preparation facilities can coat, congeal, and accumulate within building pipes, and sewage lines, eventually causing costly obstructions.

Is FOG a problem in the San Diego Area?

Yes, The many municipalities that make up the Greater San Diego Area routinely perform maintenance on the collection system, lift stations, and treatment facilities to remove grease. Keeping FOG out of building pipes and sewer lines is a sure fire way to reduce future utility maintenance costs.

What can be done to Stop FOG?

The city of Lakeport recommends the following.

Control FOG at the source…keep it from entering the sewer system.

Best management practices (BMPs) can go a long way toward reducing FOG in the sanitary sewer system.

Use pretreatment like grease traps or interceptors, skimmers, separators, and process flow treatment systems, such as carbon filtration or coagulation units.

Be sure to consulting with your local municipality to be sure that your FOG control device is acceptable under local Plumbing and Sewage Codes.

And if we could add a little something….

Make sure that you work with a licensed, insured, and reputable FOG Recycler such as BioDriven!

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