The Restaurant Oil vs. Biodiesel Debate

How is it that every oil collection company claims to be so “green”?

It seems like everybody is green these days. Nearly every major city has a biodiesel facility, and nearly every oil collector is somehow involved in that industry. San Diego is no exception.

In some cases the companies are vertically integrated, providing oil collection, biodiesel production, and direct fuel sales. Others companies choose to specialize in a specific aspect of this process (collecting and cleaning of used cooking oil) and then pass the project along to the biodiesel producer for final processing into fuel.

Regardless of whether one company is handling the entire process or whether multiple companies are collaborating to produce the finished biofuel, the cooking oil recycling industry is in fact quite clean and green.

So who is the best Oil Collection Company in San Diego?

  • Choose the Oil Collection Company that offers you high quality service.
  • Finding a service provider that will provide complimentary collection of your OIL.
  • Consider deals that allow you to save on your grease trap services.
  • Definitely pick someone that is licensed and insured.
  • Elect for a company that uses Anti-theft Collection containers as these help protect your company against messy oil thieves that create messes that YOU are liable for.
  • Choose a company that values your business and has the time to talk to you.

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