Miller’s field is BioDriven!

What are YOU going to do to celebrate the New Year?

Miller’s Field has been working with BioDriven for more than 4 years now to direct their restaurant waste streams (used cooking oil and grease) toward environmentally responsible uses.

Show your support by heading on over to Miller’s on December 30th to watch Brock Lesnar fight Alistar Overeem in UFC 141. Or ring in the new year with friends at the always legendary Miller’s New Years Eve and New Years Day celebration.

Remember, when you support Miller’s you are supporting a company whose byproducts are being utilized by local companies to produce sustainable products and renewable fuels.

Happy New Year!
The BioDriven Family

BioDriven Services is certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture for the collection and rendering of used cooking oil and grease. Is your oil recycler biodriven?

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